Wimaha Clothes Pins Laundry Clips Non-slip Plastic ,1 Pack of 12

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Wimaha Clothes Pins Laundry Clips Non-slip Plastic Clothespins Decorative,1 Pack of 12.
Features below:
1.PP Plactic
2.Lowest Expense: With 12pcs clothes plastic pins, can save tons of money on periodic laundry in Laundromat
3.Durable and Recycle: The large PP clothespins are good for multiple uses which is rust resistant. Let your clothing air dry naturally on the clotheslines, hang the laundry for convenient wearing, also work well on pinning pictures
4.USES LESS ELECTRICITY AND GAS: Let your dryer take a rest and reduce less on utility bills instead of using Wimaha laundry Clothespins
5.Practical: large anti-slip material and design helps clothes, socks, towel clip firmly on the hangers, clotheslines or beach chairs or other chairs, get less worry about falling down in a windy day
6.12 PCS Pins each pack: 4 sorted colors, blue, green, purple, orange, which won’t get lost easily in sand or grass, and those bright colorful decorative towel pins embellish life as well